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Antwerp - City of Rubens
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Antwerp - City of Rubens

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Antwerp, Belgium’s second largest city, owns one of the greatest harbor in the world. The railway station is one of the most stunning buildings in Europe. Our Lady Cathedral is the largest gothic church in the Lowlands and it boasts countless precious paintings by world class artists of the 17th century. The absolute masterpieces, however, are the Rubens paintings. Our guided walk through the old city starts at the Steen, the impressive 13th century castle that guarded the city and its port. We will take you to the gothic guild houses at the Market Square. The river Scheldt is the cradle of Antwerp where the city built the MAS-museum, famous for its spectacular views of the harbor and the old city. In your free time, do enjoy the local beer called a ’ Bolleke’.

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